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Kaua‘i Island Tour

North, South, East, West; it's all here. Madison shows you the island including all towns and the most popular beaches.

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Chef on a Hog

Chef Jeff Benson rides from restaurant to restaurant, sampling the goods at Kauai's celebrated dining spots.

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Tin Tin Teaches

Tin Tin Puulei gives insider tips on language and local customs.

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Down to Earth

Hanalei Taro's Lyndsey Haraguchi-Nakayama cuts across the island from farm to farm, talking story with Kauai's food producers.

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Arigato, Mrs. Roboto

Mrs. Roboto (Dida) shows us the human side of Kauai's restaurants and food trucks, making eating recommendations based on algorithms and her deep-learning experience as a sushi chef.

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Kaua‘i Hikes

You're on Kauai, may as well experience a little nature. Julian Coiner knows where to go.

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Secret Shopper

Our retail show. Madison goes undercover to get the inside dirt on Kaua’i’s shops.

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